Development of credible and service-ready nutrition and health content is essential to attract and retain the mobile sector’s investment in the agriculture and food sectors.

The mNutrition initiative aims to develop and scale-up the delivery of nutrition messages through agriculture and health mobile phone platforms. The project aims to reach at least 3 million people with services in a total of 12 countries, including 8 countries in Africa (Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia) and 4 countries in South Asia (Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Myanmar).

To achieve this, the project is working with local partner organizations in these countries to write credible and service-ready content to be disseminated via mobile networks. The two courses in this program (health and agriculture) will help content teams writing content for mobile services to ensure the developed content is of high quality, credible, relevant, and can be used directly by mobile service providers.

ILRI appreciates all the persons and institutions that contributed in the preparation of this course. ILRI led the development of course content with contributions from consortium members BMJ, CABI, GAIN and Oxfam. The eLearning course was designed and produced by Prasad Akhilesh from The Lit Lab under the direction of ILRI’s CapDev Unit. The development of this course was made possible through funds from the GSMA and DFID under the mNutrition Initiative.

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